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Attorney Lead Generation

To Pay for Lead or Not To Pay for Lead – Ethical Considerations

To Pay for Lead or Not To Pay for Lead By now you probably have been made aware of Pay for Lead programs through advertisements or direct solicitations, but are such programs ethically permissible?  According to the comments for Rule 7.2 of the ABA’s Model Rules for Professional Conduct, although you may not actually pay
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The Real Reason Your Law Practice Needs a Website

The Real Reason Your Law Practice Needs a Website Your practice needs a website because your practice must have a proper presence on the Internet. This is true even if you are not on the first, second or even third Search Engine Results Page (SERP) of relevant search results. Your website can and probably will
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Publish Your Blog On the Alphalegal Directory

If you are an Attorney or Attorney Marketing Professional, contact us to publish or republish your Blog on the Alphalegal Directory. We are looking for quality blogs from 300 to 1500 words in length relevant to the practice of law or the marketing of a law practice.

Facebook First!

“Why Should Facebook be “First?”” Why should Facebook be first? Facebook should be the first place you market your law practice on the Internet, if you haven’t started already. Well, not really first, but we presume you already have a website.  If you don’t, make sure you get one, though not necessarily for the reasons
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The Keyword Conundrum

The Keyword Conundrum   In the early days of the Internet, you could game the search engines by stuffing your text and meta tags with keywords.  Search engines wanted to bring people to pages that were relevant to their search.  SEO experts and consultants advised stuffing as many keywords into the text and meta tags as possible
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