The Alphalegal Directory is one of 7 Free Directories You Can’t Afford to Ignore,” according to Legalink Magazine.

The Alphalegal Directory is a directory of attorneys and legal resources. The directory was started by an attorney in 1997, back when Yahoo was primarily a general Internet directory and Findlaw was primarily a legal resources directory.  At that time directories ruled the Internet and search engines had not yet begun to dominate. (Anyone remember Altavista?) This site was re-launched in May of 2016 with over 100,000 attorney listings.

We have a legal resources page for both attorneys and non attorneys and will continue to add additional resources as we find and review them.  In the past we have had legal software reviews and blogs and we expect to publish them again in the future. We will be implementing improvements and adding resources continuously, so please check back frequently and let us know your suggestions.

All searches are free and we accept free listing submissions, as well.  Free listings may be submitted using an online form but free listing submissions will not be available for public view for at least 24 hours from submission. Attorneys who wish to advertise with an enhanced, paid listing must first register.  They will then be able to choose a listing package and post their enhanced listing. Enhanced listings offer unlimited edits, and multiple image, audio, video and document uploads, as well as SEO optimization and other visibility enhancements.

Searches may be conducted by practice area, zip code and/or by a specific search inquiry.  If you search by practice area and the search does not return any results, try searching in the “General Practice” category. Every attorney in our listings will be searched when you check the “General Practice” category, including all of the attorneys in the practice area categories below it, unless you limit the search by zip code or search term. We recommend that you enter a zip code when you search in the “General Practice” category in order to limit the number of attorneys in your search results.

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Alphalegal Directory

7 Free Directories You Can’t Afford to Ignore,” according to Legalink Magazine.