Does Your Practice Need A Twitter Account?

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Does Your Practice Need A Twitter Account?

Does your practice need a Twitter account?  No. It really doesn’t, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use Twitter as an effective marketing tool. Twitter is not the ideal place for attorneys to acquire new clients, although the paid ads can be productive. However, the Return on Investment (ROI) is not ideal and I don’t think you’re really missing out if you’re not on Twitter.  However, if you are going to do Twitter, do it right.  Follow these tips. The first one is more of a Rule than a Tip!


#1.          Never tweet political posts with your law practice twitter account.  It’s important to maintain your brand and not alienate potential clients or referral bases.

#2.          Set up a personal twitter account so you are not tempted to violate Rule #1.   Tweet any non-law practice related tweets from your personal account. 

#3.          You may retweet from your practice account to your personal account, but not the reverse. Maintain your brand and maintain some professional distance from your clients and potential clients.

#4.          Tweet often and regularly, but use apps such as Buffer to schedule tweets so that you can setup a day or more of tweets in advance and not have to post them all individually. 

Twitter for Lawyers
Twitter for Lawyers

#5.          Tweet things that would draw retweets, inform potential clients and encourage people to follow you. Find blogs and news sources that are related to your practice areas and tweet links to them.  (You can use tools like Buffer to cue them up for you) Tweet firm news. Try to add comments to make people more likely to read the tweets.

#6.          Tweet links to pages from your website, such as your “About” page and your “Practice Areas” pages to drive traffic to your website and inform visitors about your practice.

#7.           Make sure  your url, general location and telephone number is listed in your profile.

#8.          Pin a Tweet to the top of your page that links to your website.  This will drive traffic to your website. You can pin current firm news, too, but never pass up a chance to link to it from your website to draw people there.

#9.          Mix your practice tweets up a little with tweets about local news, weather, sports, etc., but don’t overdo this.  You want to humanize, not trivialize.

#10.         Use tools like Social Quant to increase your followers, but after you accrue enough followers to demonstrate some credibility (if you are followed it encourages others to follow you) try to acquire followers in an organic way so you are communicating with a relevant audience.

#11.       Get your account verified by Twitter.  It’s easy to do and you get this little check mark near your twitter name that let’s people know you are who you say you are.

#12.       Forget the DM function. (Direct Messaging) It has been rendered useless by spam.  (Too blunt? Well, it’s true.)

#13.        Use paid ads.  If you are going to invest time in Twitter you might as well optimize the results.  Tweets alone will give you limited reach.



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