Lawsuit Lenders

Lawsuit lenders offer funds to litigants as a loan against, or purchase of an interest in, a litigant’s settlement or judgment. Rates can be high, but many lenders do not require the litigant to pay them back if there is no recovery.


Oasis Financial

  • If you lose, you don’t have to pay us back. Our share of the case’s potential proceeds varies according to several factors. Pay nothing out of pocket—payment comes out of the award or settlement amount. Owe nothing if you don’t win your case.  https://www.oasisfinancial.com/home

Law Capital
  • We are a provider of lawsuit funding, lawsuit advances and settlement funding for those expecting a settlement resulting from a pending lawsuit, verdict or judgment. The process is simple, if approved; you are advanced money now in exchange for a lien position against your case. You are NOT selling off your lawsuit; rather you are provided with a pre-settlement or settlement advance now against your anticipated lawsuit settlement recovery. You are only obligated to repay the lawsuit advance if you win your case.  http://lawcapital.com/
Legal Funds Now

  • Legal Funds Now is here to help. We are dedicated to providing pre settlement lawsuit funding, litigation financing and legal funding to accident victims awaiting a pending insurance settlement or personal injury lawsuit.  Get the money you need for living expenses and other financial obligations while you pursue a just and fair claim.  http://legalfundsnow.com/
Gerchen Keller
  • Gerchen Keller has the broadest array of financial and risk-management products in the industry. Providing financing and risk-management products tied to complex litigation is an emerging specialty, and we are at the forefront of designing financial structures to benefit our clients. Our solutions help plaintiffs and defendants (as well as their law firms), and we invest in all stages of the legal process utilizing a variety of strategies. http://www.gerchenkeller.com/
Lawsuit Settlement Funding Co.
  • The Lawsuit Settlement Funding Co., a division of Legal-Bay LLC, provides legal funding, cash advances and settlement loans within 24 hours to plaintiffs who have retained a lawyer and have a pending lawsuit waiting for settlement.  http://lawsuitssettlementfunding.com/