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Continuing Legal Education

Every state has its own sources for continuing legal education, but there are some national companies that can provide the credits you need at more competitive prices. Lawline Improved CLE for All. J… READ MORE [/pt_block_image2][pt_block_image2 element_name=”Document Preparation Services – General” bgcolor=”#fafafa” bdcolor=”#dddddd” txtcolor=”#222222″ image=”103193″ link=”http://” imgalign=”left” extra_class=””]

Document Preparation Services – General

While these document preparation services are primarily for non-lawyers, some of their services are sophisticated enough to be used by attorneys, as well. Legal Zoom From the beginning, our mission … READ MORE [/pt_block_image2][pt_block_image2 element_name=”Law Office Management Software” bgcolor=”#fafafa” bdcolor=”#dddddd” txtcolor=”#222222″ image=”103194″ link=”http://” imgalign=”left” extra_class=””]

Law Office Management Software

Law office management software helps you take control of your firm’s timekeeping, billing, etc. Whether the software is in your computer or in the cloud, your law firm needs software to organize, st…READ MORE [/pt_block_image2][pt_block_image2 element_name=”Lawyer Directories” bgcolor=”#fafafa” bdcolor=”#dddddd” txtcolor=”#222222″ image=”103207″ link=”http://” imgalign=”left” extra_class=””]

Lawyer Directories

Not all attorney directories have been around as long as the Alphalegal Directory, but there are some good ones.  We list some of our favorites below.   LegalMatch Present your case in minute…READ MORE [/pt_block_image2][pt_block_image2 element_name=”Litigation Management” bgcolor=”#fafafa” bdcolor=”#dddddd” txtcolor=”#222222″ image=”103235″ link=”http://” imgalign=”left” extra_class=””]

Litigation Management

There is software for managing your office and then there is software intended to help you manage your litigation. Litigation Management software digitizes your trial notebook and makes creating it …READ MORE [/pt_block_image2][pt_block_image2 element_name=”SEO-Marketing Companies” bgcolor=”#fafafa” bdcolor=”#dddddd” txtcolor=”#222222″ image=”103263″ link=”http://” imgalign=”left” extra_class=””]

SEO-Marketing Companies

If you expect to get results from your online marketing efforts, it helps to use the services of companies with a history of success with marketing lawyers and law firms on the Internet.   Law Fi…READ MORE

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SEO Marketing Information

Firms and Do-It-Yourself Lawyers who don’t wish to hire an SEO/Marketing Company can benefit from having a general understanding of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Marketing princip… READ MORE