Enhanced Listing Plus Custom Profile

Enhanced Listing Plus Custom Profile

Dear User

Thank you for submitting your listing. You’ve taken an important step in improving your visibility to potential clients on the internet.

But there is more you can do, and more we can do for you. You can have an enhanced listing for $97 per year, and while that is normally a “self-service” option, if you respond within 7 days, we will set up the enhanced listing for you and also link your listing so that it appears in the carousel that is displayed on our first page.

What does this mean? We will compose a listing narrative that will improve your search engine visibility and better promote your “brand.”

We will also upload images which will increase your visibility and response rate and make sure your listing is displayed in the top 5 listings when someone performs a relevant search on our site.

Please subscribe below and one of our copywriters will contact you shortly.