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Final Argument – Clifford Irving

Final Argument – Another book we can recommend, this time about a 48 year old attorney, Ted Jaffe, at a conservative law firm. When he was a prosecutor, twelve years earlier, he convicted a man who killed the wealthy husband of a woman with whom he was having an affair. (All attorneys have sordid pasts
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In the Presence of the Enemy – William Coughlin

In the Presence of the Enemy – Another good book by Coughlin. This time a young, New York City attorney,Jake Martin, gets involved in a will contest in a small, up state town. He is┬áseduced by the widow (notice a pattern here?), is fired by his firm, but is able to win the case on
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Shadow of a Doubt – William Coughlin

Shadow of a Doubt – Good read about a lawyer whose ex-lover, Robin Harwell, comes back into his life to ask him to represent her stepdaughter, who is accused of murdering . . . . her own father! Robin seduces him, the stepdaughter seduces him and the ending is predictable but well developed. It has
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Compelling Evidence – Steve Martini

Compelling Evidence – In this sequel to “Prime Witness,” former prosecutor Paul Madriani is now a prominent defense attorney. His boss, after being nominated for a seat on the Supreme Court, is found dead of a gunshot wound to the head. The accused, Talia Potter, was the victim’s wife and Paul Madriani’s ex-lover. (Where do
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Prime Witness – Steve Martini

Prime Witness – In Prime Witness, we meet prosecutor Paul Madriani trying a capital case involving the serial killings known as the Putah Creek Murders. The defendant is a Russian immigrant, Iganovich, whose attorney, Adrian Chambers, holds a grudge against Madriani for his part in a sting that left Chambers suspended from the practice of
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A Time to Kill – John Grisham

A Time to Kill -John Grisham’s first book and possibly his best book. (It’s his best book. I’m just trying give the appearance of leaving room for differing opinions. It is difficult to believe he struggled to get it published.) While his next book, “The Firm,” was good, it pales in comparison to this novel
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