What’s New?

What’s New?

When the Alphalegal Directory started in 1997, the Internet was a different place, especially for attorneys.  Advertising for attorneys was relatively new and most attorneys were still not advertising at all.  If an attorney advertised, he did it by placing an ad in the yellow pages. Some of the pioneers were doing television ads by this time and of course, some were using billboards.  By the mid 90’s, depending on the geographic market, attorneys were experimenting with websites and Internet directories.

Findlaw started in 1996 as a collection of legal resources initially created for a law library.  The Alphalegal Directory and RomingerLegal were similar resources founded soon after and Yahoo was a general Internet directory in which you had to be listed if you wanted to be found.  Altavista was just beginning its dominance, but Google was building momentum.  Savvy attorneys were listing wherever they could.  Findlaw went corporate and ultimately legal resources, such as case and statutory law, were organized into dedicated search and research applications, such as Lexis, Casemaker, etc. and the legal resource directory became less necessary.  However, attorney directories never lost their value and their number continues to grow.  Findlaw grew into the mega site it is now, providing a different type of content than it used to.

The Alphalegal Directory has always been a niche part of that landscape, providing simple free listings and enhanced listings by subscription. We started out cataloging case and statutory law resources as well as government resources, etc. But Internet searches began to provide better access to those resources and it was necessary to recognize that. We also cataloged and reviewed legal software and other resources that attorneys and laypeople might need and we are going to refocus and expand our efforts in that area to include marketing and SEO information and services and legal tech for attorneys and law firms.

There are a host of Internet marketing resources for lawyers on the Internet, one of our favorites being The Lawyerist. The Lawyerist is a content rich website featuring articles on legal technology, marketing, practice management, etc.  Lawyermarketing.com, from our friends at Findlaw, has a great blog that also offers attorneys great marketing advice and tips. Legal Ink Magazine is another site that features practice management tips, legal marketing information and CLE news as well as opinion editorials about the practice of law.

The Alphalegal Directory has always been a curator of legal resources and we will continue to sift through the Internet for the best legal resources available to provide you with the tools and information you need to maximize your marketing efforts and the efficiency and excellence of your practice. And as always, we will continue to be “One of the 7 Free Internet Directories You Cannot Ignore”



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