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Physicians have a wide range of options when trying to address the considerable market strength of health insurers. Physicians know how to treat patients, and they know what works and what does not work with regard to patient care. When physicians form joint ventures, they can apply their knowledge, experience and training to the real problems that exist in health care markets. This can significantly improve patient care, and put patient care back where it belongs – in the hands of physicians.

Physicians, however, oftentimes compete against one another. Joint ventures and collaborative efforts they enter into can, therefore, raise antitrust concerns. An antitrust concern, however, does not mean that physicians cannot enter into joint ventures and other collaborative arrangements that improve patient care and also increase the reimbursement physicians receive from health insurers. The antitrust laws have considerable flexibility when properly understood. The antitrust laws are actually designed and intended to foster collaborative arrangements that benefit consumers and improve efficiency. The days when large categories of collaborative conduct were simply prohibited are long gone.
Our firm’s goal is to help create a healthy balance in the healthcare industry by representing physicians and handling litigation under antitrust laws. Talk to our attorneys today by calling 312-624-7645. We represent clients nationwide.
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