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Mendoza/Jakobe Law is a criminal defense firm that practices in all areas of criminal law with a heavy emphasis in sex crimes, violent crimes, organized crime, and drug trafficking.

It is imperative that you hire an attorney from the first sign of trouble. In short, the sooner you hire an attorney after police contact – or even prior to – the better. Ms. Jakobe represents clients at all stages of a case, from investigation of an offense, bond hearings, pre-indictment, post-indictment and even probation violations or appeal. Oftentimes Ms. Jakobe is retained to advocate for a client’s interests while on probation to make sure he or she is treated fairly. Ms. Jakobe takes a pro-active approach on all cases. She does not wait around and merely react to what the state is doing. This means that immediately upon hire all contact by law enforcement ceases and your case is worked up with independent investigation and motion practice. We do not wait for the State. We do it now.

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