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A lifelong resident of the Chicago area, Mr. Minkus grew up in Chicago’s Hollywood Park neighborhood and graduated with highest honors from Northern Illinois University with a B.A. in Political Science. He earned his J.D. from Chicago-Kent College of Law and was admitted to the Illinois Bar in 1982.

During his lengthy career, Mr. Minkus has handled every conceivable type of criminal case, from misdemeanors to death penalty-eligible murders. As a former Cook County Assistant States Attorney, he has the experience required to approach criminal defense cases from the perspective of the prosecuting attorney, enabling him to offer clients a much stronger defense strategy than attorneys who lack a prosecution background.

Inspired to become a criminal lawyer by Atticus Finch, the attorney who defends a wrongfully accused man in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, Mr. Minkus, like Atticus, is dedicated to defending the rights of all Americans, including the underserved and the immigrant communities. He has become one of Illinois’ leading lawyers in post-conviction proceedings and has worked with countless immigration attorneys throughout the greater Chicago area to provide post-conviction relief for immigrants attempting to avoid deportation or become U.S. citizens. His post-conviction relief practice has also helped those who have paid their dues to society to obtain vital record expungement in order to successfully find employment.

Mr. Minkus practices in State, Federal and Appellate Courts, including U.S. district courts in Wisconsin, New York and Puerto Rico, in addition to Illinois. He has also been approved to appear before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Outside of the courtroom, Mr. Minkus gives back to his community through Chicago Volunteer Legal Services. He is the father of now-adult children and a former high school varsity basketball coach.

The Law Offices of Jonathan Minkus are experienced in defending a wide variety of legal issues from misdemeanors to felonies, including DUI, immigration, narcotics and burglary. Call (847) 966-0300 for a Chicago criminal defense lawyer who will aggressively defend your case in court. For More Details Visit Us @