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Doctors, pharmacists and healthcare providers go to work every day with one goal on their minds: to help people get medical care and services appropriate to their needs. More and more, however, healthcare providers are forced to focus their energies on the business side of healthcare, taking their time and attention away from providing the care they are trained and dedicated to give. If you are a healthcare provider in Los Angeles County, the Law Offices of Art Kalantar is here to give you the advice and assistance you need to take care of your healthcare business, so you can concentrate on taking care of your customers and patients.

Firm founder and lead attorney Art Kalantar has been practicing California healthcare law since 2003. For over a decade prior to his becoming a lawyer, Mr. Kalantar was an executive in the healthcare industry and an owner of several healthcare businesses. Healthcare law is a niche area of the law that most attorneys are unfamiliar with. Art Kalantar knows healthcare law and the business of healthcare from the inside out. Let the Law Offices of Art Kalantar help you with any of the following:

Fraud and Abuse Defense – A number of state and federal laws regulating the healthcare industry make operating and managing a medical practice a complicated affair. Something as simple as mis-entering a billing code can look like fraud, which could lead to the imposition of serious civil and criminal penalties. Let our experienced healthcare attorney work with you to establish sound business practices and represent you in any allegations of fraud or abuse.

Anti-Kickback and Stark Law – You don’t practice medicine in a bubble. You may affiliate with one or more medical groups or practices to provide the best in medical care to your patients, or you may utilize a management services organization (MSO) to handle the billing and business side of your practice while you focus on patient care. Unfortunately, state and federal laws like the Anti-Kickback Statute (AKBS), Stark Law, and California Medical Practice Act are always ready to crackdown on physician “self-referrals” or the “corporate practice of medicine” (CPOM). Art Kalantar has decades in the field as both a healthcare attorney and healthcare business owner and executive. We’ll help you understand what you can and can’t do and advise you before you enter any new agreements to improve your practice.

Medicare and Medi-Cal Audits – You can’t always keep an audit from being initiated, but you can always be prepared for an audit when it comes. We’re available anytime to conduct a review of your records and practices, note areas of concern and advise you on steps you can take to avoid an audit in the first place or prevent a live audit from becoming an investigation.

Healthcare Entity Advice and Representation – If you’re starting up a new clinic, hospital group or other healthcare entity, we’ll handle every aspect on the legal side, from business entity formation to licensing, so that your practice will be ready to operate, grow and thrive in compliance with applicable California and federal laws and regulations. We’re also here for the purchase or sale of an existing entity, negotiating terms and helping the transaction conclude successfully with all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed.

Medicare and Medi-Cal Enrollment – If you are older, disabled or cannot afford adequate healthcare, government programs like Medicare and Medi-Cal can help you get diagnosis, treatment and medications you can afford. Unfortunately, strict timelines and complicated enrollment processes lead to many applications being denied. We’ll work with you to get your application accepted the first time around, or provide high-quality technical assistance to appeal a denial.

Professional License Defense – False claims from dissatisfied patients or innocent misunderstandings can lead to charges by the disciplinary board that holds power over your license. Protect your reputation in your profession and community, and keep your livelihood safe from a potential license suspension or revocation. A great deal of our practice is devoted to understanding applicable healthcare licensing laws and applying them to the allegations in disciplinary hearings.

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