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If you are dealing with any kind of criminal complaints in Philadelphia, Derek Steenson is the one call you have to make. Mr. Steenson handles a wide variety of criminal cases consisting of misdemeanors, armed robbery, conspiracy, felonies, armed robbery, simple assault, aggravated assault, drug criminal offenses consisting of possession of unlawful compounds, and possession with intent to disperse, dui, sex crimes and more. You have a constitutional right to a lawyer, and picking a top rated criminal defense lawyer in Philadelphia is the best way to eliminate these criminal charges.
The cops will work around the clock to make sure the criminal charges stick. You need to have a lawyer in your corner that will defend you just as tough. Derek Steenson is the one Philadelphia criminal attorney you ought to call.

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Phone Number (215) 253-8658
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Address 1500 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA, USA