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Sterling Law Offices, S.C.

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If you are searching for legal aid at Milwaukee, we will be your complete legal assistance for a long list of legal suits. Our team provides competent legal attorneys for divorce, custody and placement, marital property, child support, alimony and mediation and a lot of other matters. 

If you have been abused, cheated or your human rights have been violated, you must seek legal help from family law lawyers. To know about your legal claims and the rights provided by the US constitution, you must consult a legal team with valuable guidelines. 

If you are in the middle of a bitter legal battle and do not want to drag things further, hire us. We at Sterling Law Offices promise to help you settle the issue amicably by our expert lawyers. Our neutral mediation process guides you from start to end. 

We help both the parties settle mutually to skip the hazards of a courtroom. Mediation is preferred by wise people who want to avoid the massive cost of legal contest. Else, a divorce through mediation may help both the parties save a lot of money. Child custody issues may also be resolved through conciliation by attorneys of Family law lawyers of Sterling Law Office. 

250 E Wisconsin Ave, #1830 Milwaukee WI 53202


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