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EPGD Business Law

EPGD Business Law


EPGD Business Law provides representation and assistance to businesses, corporations, employers, consumers, and individuals with the resources and sophistication of a large law firm combined with the individualized service and responsiveness of a small firm. We believe in three keys: 1) Results, 2) Attention to Detail, and 3) Client Relationships. We are passionate about providing effective legal results to businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals.

Customer Service:

We want to learn your business and its goals so that we can be the best lawyers for you. By embracing technology, a multilingual staff of energetic and experienced attorneys and professionals, and a business-first attitude, we always strive to be on time, on budget, and to demonstrate excellence in all forms of communication with our clients as we focus on their goals and the most efficient ways of accomplishing them. We distinguish ourselves by achieving and maintaining excellence through prompt personal service, and the personalized attention and focus of a boutique law firm coupled with reasonable fees. Every client receives regular updates on their matters and same-day responses to all emails and phone calls to ensure that there are no lapses between our representation and the client’s expectations.

Attention to Detail, and Result-Oriented:

The firm has knowledgeable attorneys familiar with the particulars of their areas of practice. Our talented attorneys utilize technology, hard work, and compassion to assist every client. We understand that every client has different goals, limitations, needs, and budgets. Accordingly, our lawyers pride themselves on being deliberate and intentional, resulting in efficient, effective representation and satisfied clientele.

In litigation, we carefully review every aspect of a case and prepare a litigation plan before the decision to litigate is even made. We leverage our knowledge and experience to give the client a complete and honest assessment of their case at the beginning. Unrealistic expectations doom the attorney-client relationship from the outset. Our ability to get the client the results he/she seeks depends entirely on our attorney’s core value of “saying what they mean and meaning what they say.” Opposing counsels know quickly that with EPGD you will never get the industry standard empty threat or transparent litigation-speak. We are fully prepared to take every case through trial from the outset. Most civil litigators try very few cases and the vast majority are unwilling to follow through on their case all the way to the end. Our ability to leverage that core value is what allows us to get out client consistent results.

Hands-On Service:

Our partners, attorneys, clerks, and staff provide hands-on service that includes frequent updates and constant collaboration. We do not delegate and forget; we delegate and participate. We keep everyone working on a case or transaction fully involved, especially the client. We also actively participate in the business endeavors of our clients, including their day-to-day operations, providing superior legal services to clients at competitive rates. The Firm provides services across the state of Florida, as well as Washington, D.C.



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